How To Transform Fear Into Love

How To Transform Fear Into Love


If you have been through a break-up or are going through one right now, you’re probably experiencing tremendous pain. Or maybe you’re stuck at your job with no idea of how to get out of the mess that you’re in. Whatever your situation, the reason you feel the way you feel is because you aren’t operating from a place of love; instead you are in fear.


He who is brave is free. – Seneca


There are two main governing forces that are guiding this universe. I like to call those forces laws. One is the Law of Love and the other is the Law of Fear. Every time you feel any of these emotions—guilt, blame, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, rage—you are pretty much operating from a place of fear. On the other hand, every time you feel any of these emotions—love, joy, bliss, harmony, gratitude, etc.—you operate from a place of love. Love empowers you, while fear on the other hand disempowers you. Fear makes you feel isolated and lonely because it’s the ego that tells you how separated you are from the rest of the world. Ego and body are the source of the illusion. The truth is that you are NOT YOUR BODY. You are an infinite soul that is given this body for a temporary experience. It’s the optical illusion that we experience in order for our soul to wake up and understand the reality. In order to wake up we must find ourselves that is Love. Love is the unity and oneness. Love is what we seek while forgetting that it’s inside of us all the time.


So the question is how do we reach Love? How do we switch the light on so the darkness can finally disappear? We need to be willing to feel every emotion that is inside of our body. Emotion is energy in motion. If we are not willing to feel it we are not willing to let it flow and therefore we feel stuck. We feel the stuck energy that is the stuck emotion inside of our body. In order to release the pain we need to be willing to feel the emotion. The moment we feel the emotion it will lose its power. That’s the moment we release and transform it.


The key to your freedom is to be brave enough to feel the emotion of your fear.


Love is the Law tip for how to release the fear and transform it into love:


  1. Sit back and close your eyes. Use a relaxing music.
  2. Feel whatever comes up. Try to fully feel the emotion inside of your body. Try to identify it. Then drop it.
  3. Feel the next emotion that is beneath the previous emotion. Feel it to the fullest. Then drop it.
  4. If you see some people associated with those emotions—remember them because you will invite them to the campfire later on.
  5. Keep feeling every single emotion and then drop them until you reach a place of complete silence and nothingness. This is a so-called black hole. There is nothing and therefore you are going to jump there. If you’re scared it’s okay. Get ready and jump. The moment you jump you are supposed to feel light and peace. You have arrived home. This is who you are. Love and Light.
  6. You can stay there as long as you want, and then when you’re ready, go back to each level of emotion and ask the people that you have met to join you around the campfire. Ask these people why they hurt you. What was the purpose of that? Listen to your higher self—the Light that you discovered in the black hole—and then forgive each person around the campfire. You can use the Ho’oponopono forgiveness practice—see more about Ho’oponopono here and when you’re done give each other a hug and let them disappear in the fire.


You can read more about this exercise in my book Love is the Law. You can check out my first two chapters Love is the Law Book Free Chapters.

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