How To Redefine Your Practice, Work Less and Make More Money
Make More Money

How To Redefine Your Practice, Work Less and Make More Money


Today I want to share a very valuable lesson that I have learned. Recently, I was in a situation where two of my cases were not going well. My relationship with each of those clients started to go in the wrong direction and I kept feeling anxiety and so much pressure. I started to ask the Universe, Why is this happening? and What is my lesson to learn? In this context, ‘Universe’ doesn’t mean literally the universe, but a higher self, higher power, God, or call it whatever you like. I did all I could for both of those clients, but the results were just negative. Of course, it affected my mood and there were moments when I started to feel like a loser. Then, somehow I stopped beating myself up, because I reminded myself to love myself. Love is the key, not fear. I asked myself: Have I done the best I could for both of them? The answer was YES. Secondly, I asked: What’s the lesson to be learned? A few hours later I started to meditate, and the answer came.

“You couldn’t reach any positive result because you were vibrating on a different frequency.” I was vibrating on a different frequency? What does that mean? Because I simply was not aligned with the higher self or, simply put, with my heart, I couldn’t expect any kind of positive results. Every time we work with people or do things our hearts don’t like to do, the result will be either mediocre or negative. I have realized that those clients came into my life to teach me this lesson. Everything went wrong, not because I was not capable or because I hadn’t done a good job, but because I was not doing what my heart wanted me to do. The situation I was in taught me to re-define what it is that my heart really wants. I was forced to ask questions like: What is my true calling? Who do I want to serve? What kind of clients do I want to take into my life? What kind of work does my heart desire.

See, it’s simple. If you follow your heart and your passions, you will step into the field of the positive vibration. When you step into that field, things go smoothly. There is no other way for them to go but smoothly. When you follow your heart, things go easily for you. There is no struggle or negative emotion involved. I decided at that moment to thank the Universe for this valuable lesson and from then on only to take clients who would match my heart’s desire, and only do the type of work that is aligned with my true heart’s desire.  These days I mostly serve only investors and foreign entrepreneurs, who are not afraid to dream big and GO BIG. Smart and brave investors, who really want to change the world and make an impact. Since that day, things have gone smoothly. There is no internal struggle. I am not under pressure and I can manage the relationships with my clients well. Actually, I am not even managing anything, it’s happening in the flow, by itself. We are working together and it’s fun.

Take action NOW and change the way you feel about your clients or about the work you do. Ask yourself the following questions:

1)   Am I serving clients who make me happy and fulfilled?

2)   Am I doing the work that my heart desires? If not, you have to re-define your practice. By re-defining I mean that you have to go within and ask yourself what it is that you REALLY want to do with your law degree. Who do you really want to serve? Don’t focus on the money. Forget about the money. Money is JUST a form of energy and it will flow straight to your bank account when you align yourself with the higher purpose. Actually, there is no higher purpose; there is only YOUR purpose. When you are aligned with your purpose, you feel joy, fun, bliss, and love. You can feel these emotions while working on your cases and serving your clients. If you don’t, ask yourself those questions. If you are not getting any answers, ask for the guidance. The Universe is providing you with guidance in many ways. Sometimes it’s via dreams, intuition and gut feelings. Ask the Universe for guidance and be open and receptive. The answer will come to you when you don’t put up any resistance. Therefore, just let go and let the Universe tell you what your purpose is. Just flow.

3)   Let me know how it went for you.

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