How Love Is The Law Detox Changed My Life
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How Love Is The Law Detox Changed My Life


What Is The Love is the Law Detox?


More than six weeks ago I came up with the idea of detoxing my spirit by applying the Love is the Law Detox because I felt as if every area of my life was being challenged. Not only did I not see a way out, but I also felt overwhelmed, tired, and stuck.

At that point I told myself the situation was a great opportunity to apply my own advice to myself. So, I decided to meditate on that. After a short meditation I received some intuitive insight. Get on a diet—the Love Diet! What kind of diet is that? A love diet calls for the elimination of every single negative element in your life. Negative people, negative thinking, negative food, etc. A love diet calls for surrounding yourself with love and actually feeling love. In order to feel love we need to get rid of all unnecessary toxins. The process is kind of like emptying a closet. Imagine that you have a closet full of old clothes. When you want to buy new clothes and put them in your closet, you first need to clear the closet and get rid of the old clothes that you haven’t worn for some time. It’s that simple.


First, let go ..


In order to receive the new, we need to let go of the old.

The same applies to your soul. If you want to feel love, you must first cleanse your soul and get rid of any toxins. We have so much negative energy stored in our bodies. Those are the emotions that were stored when we didn’t transform them into positive lessons. Everyone has some amount of negative emotions stored up. When we hang out with negative people, they add to this negative pile.

Thirty days sounds like a short time but it wasn’t. I encountered many challenges, especially when it came to my negative mindset and my own negative thoughts. But I also discovered that it’s possible to TRAIN your mind so that it starts doing what you want. In fact, it’s important to train your mind like you train your muscles because if you don’t train your MIND, it will be on autopilot pilot and your life will also be on autopilot—meaning that you won’t have the kind of life you want.


Choose the life you want!


Choose to live the kind of life you want. You are the creator of your own reality!

Here are a few highlights of events that occurred during my 30-Day Love is the Law Detox.

  1. Radio Expres called me for an interview. It was an amazing interview and I had so much fun! The feedback I received from people all around the world was mind blowing.
  2. My father missed his flight out of California and after rebooking, I talked to the airline and they didn’t charge him an extra fee.
  3. I enrolled in the Expert’s Academy course on how to become a true expert in your field. The program has been one of the best investments of my life because it teaches exactly what I have been seeking to learn for a very long time.
  4. I was guided to attend the Millionaire Mind’s seminar (for FREE), where I met some amazing people; we’re planning to create an affiliated business together in the near future.
  5. I attracted so many new clients within one week that I made more money than I had in the past two months!
  6. I discovered an amazing book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, by T. Harv Eker; it has been absolutely eye opening with regard to my subconscious money blocks.
  7. I discovered a book, The Journey, by Brendon Bays that has absolutely transformed my point of view regarding the healing process.
  8. I decided to move and found a beautiful place on Coronado Island.
  9. I let go of old friendships that were no longer serving me and suddenly I met new, smart and genuine people whom I deeply connected with.
  10. I met a healer who transformed my life after one three -hour long quantum healing session. She released some of my old blocks and emotions that had been suppressed and were manifested in my health. This particular health problem had been waiting to be solved for quite some time, and I have finally begun to heal!

These were just a few of the miracles that occurred in my life over the past month. It has truly been a transformational journey that gave me a clear sign that Love Is the Law and this detox really works!

If you haven’t tried my Love is the Law Detox Diet, I encourage you to do so now! Click here to see the program and also check out my book, Love Is the Law, here.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know how is the Detox going for you. Please share this article with your friends who are ready for a profound change in their life! Loving is sharing 🙂


Light & Love!




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