How To Transform Pain Into Power

How To Transform Pain Into Power


It’s not your conscious but subconscious beliefs that influence your reality. Perhaps you may want to manifest a different career path. For instance, you may be a lawyer who wishes to become an artist; you keep painting, but you can’t really sell your art because you subconsciously don’t believe that it’s possible. Therefore you keep practicing law, because otherwise you would not be able to pay all your expenses. You have an internal conflict that leads to frustration, so you are stuck and unhappy. This is the time to dig deep. If you can’t manifest something that you want, it’s because you are not aligned with your desires. There is no match between your subconscious beliefs and your desire. As a result, you keep manifesting the wrong desires.


 Face The Reality


The only way to change subconscious beliefs is to face the reality. We must be willing to go deep and feel your emotions. Only then can we transform them. We must explore our stored emotions. Everyone suppresses negative feelings because it’s not ‘cool’ to be emotional, sensitive, deep, etc. It’s cool to be happy, light hearted or carefree. However, we are human beings, and therefore, we have all types of emotions. We feel pain, grief, sadness, anxiety, hate, jealousy, fear, etc. as much as we feel joy, bliss, happiness, love, etc.


We must accept that putting labels on our emotions isn’t serving us.


There is no such a thing as a good or bad emotion. There are simply emotions, and every single emotion serves its own purpose. Therefore, when you accept the fact that feeling all these emotions is okay because they serve you, you will stop suppressing your emotions and punishing yourself for actually feeling them.


In order to release the old beliefs that govern your reality, you must go within and start asking yourself questions. The following Emotional Guidance Scale created by Abraham-Hicks will help you identify what emotion is currently present in your subconscious mind.


1. First, sit down and close your eyes. Imagine what you want to manifest in your reality. Pick only one desire. For example, you may want to manifest more money. Ask yourself what do I feel when I am thinking about money. What kind of emotion is present? Then look at the chart and circle the number of that emotion.


The Emotional Guidance Scale


Positive Expectation/Belief


2. All right, let’s say that you’ve circled number 13 because you feel doubt about making more money. Now it’s time for you to dig deep. How do you dig deep? You do it by acknowledging what’s inside of you. Start journaling how do you feel about money, and feel the emotion of doubt. Why do you doubt that you can make more money? Write everything down.


For example:

I doubt that I can make more money because I am not smart enough.

I don’t trust that I can.

I am not good enough at work.

Having more money is actually negative and people may think that I am greedy.

I feel guilty when setting a price for my services.


3. Continue working through the Emotional Guidance Scale every day and whenever you are ready to move up to the next emotion on the scale. Feel every emotion and then let go. Drop it. Don’t go too fast, because your subconscious mind won’t believe you. If necessary, take a week or more to feel a particular emotion. What you are doing is tricking your subconscious mind and injecting a new belief (a slightly less negative emotion) by slowly releasing the old emotion and accepting the new one. Slowly, you will replace the old belief with another belief that is higher on the emotional scale. However, if you leap too fast, your subconscious mind won’t believe you,so, take your time in this process. Be gentle and good to yourself. Also, when you write down all your doubts and fears, don’t lie to yourself. Be as brutally honest as possible. Nobody is watching you. Don’t hide. There is nowhere to go. It’s time to return to your heart.


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  1. I am so happy that you accpected my request to join. As I am one of those people who has a hard time selling my custom made sports Dream Catchers. I never think they are good enough, I blame it on my OCD ,but others think they great. I also have a hard time putting a price on them. I am going to follow your Emotional Guidance lesson to help me get passed this. I’m a Reiki Master and meditate everyday, I can help others with my Reiki treatments. And I have successfully treated myself through pain, but have never work on my subconscious mind about the price and that my Dream Catchers are great and people do want to buy them. I started making them as gifts and now so many people want to buy them, but when they ask the price I just say what do you want to pay or just end up giving it to them. So I’m going to follow your guide and know it will get me pasted my fear and insecurity. Thank you. Sharon

    • Marieta Oslanec

      4 years ago

      I love Dream Catchers. Wonderful that you are making them.Thank you for sharing your experience. Why do you feel guilty when setting a price for your product? Try to describe the feeling….

  2. joanna

    4 years ago

    It’s a new thing for me this exercise. Interesting what comes up… so many things can be reworked, especially when we close our eyes and go deep.

    • Marieta Oslanec

      4 years ago

      Agree, we access the realm of infinite possibilities within 🙂 have fun 🙂


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