Why Should You Celebrate Your Success?


Why You Must Appreciate Your Greatness   When I was 18 years old my dream was to become a lawyer.

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Overcome Resistance

How to Overcome Resistance


We often feel anxiety and resistance. It’s that typical feeling of being stuck. The question isn’t whether you feel stuck,

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Be More Creative

How to Be More Creative at Work?


5 Steps How to Be More Creative!   It’s natural for human beings to create new things and have fun

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Set Yourself FREE

How To Set Yourself FREE From Fear?


Love & Fear     There are two emotions that influence our daily experience. LOVE and FEAR. Love is associated

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How To Experience an EPIC DAY?


How to Create a Perfect Day?     I kept waking up each morning with anxiety while rushing to my

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lift you UP

Surround Yourself With People Who Are Going to lift you UP!


I woke up this morning with this sentence resonating in my head. I started to analyze my relationships. Then, I

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