Why Does Success Depend on Taking Baby Steps?

Why Does Success Depend on Taking Baby Steps?


If you are a big dreamer and a visionary, most likely you have already accomplished things in your life that others considered to be impossible. I come from Slovakia, a little town of 6,000 people, and when I was 23 years old I decided to follow my dream to become an attorney in the U.S. Several years later I became a licensed attorney in New York and cofounded my law firm, Navrat & Oslanec, and ImmigrationBiz. Yes, that was a quantum leap for a little girl from Slovakia. I consider myself a dreamer and a visionary; therefore I want to break down what it actually took in order to make the quantum leap in my life.

Every success consists of baby steps. It’s all about those steps that we take every single day on a consistent basis. It’s like when you want to run for a marathon. If you keep practicing once a week, you’re never going to make it happen. However, if you practice every day for several weeks or months, heck yeah you are going to be able to run the marathon!

The same thing applies to my quantum leap. I worked my ass off for about 8 years. Every day during those years I worked towards my dream. Was it possible for a girl from Slovakia? Sure, it seemed like it wasn’t, but I knew deep down inside of me that I could make it happen. Nobody was there to push me but myself. I believed in my dream.

Therefore, whatever your dream is, trust that it’s there for a reason. Then forget about it and take the next baby step. If you’re constantly thinking big, you won’t be grounded and won’t take the next steps that are absolutely necessary for you to get where you want to be. Make sense? Therefore, keep the balance. Yes, you can dream big but you also need to act. And you need to be down to earth to do things that may be boring for you. For example, when I started my own law firm, I had to learn how to set up my own website, market the business, write articles, consider SEO, etc. Was it boring? Heck yes. Do you think I studied and graduated from two law schools to do these boring things? You’re correct in thinking that I did not, but I didn’t have the money to hire a person to do such tasks for me so I had to do them myself. It’s about being humble and down to earth while keeping the grand vision on our minds. If you follow this path, I guarantee you are going to succeed.


“You must be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, then you will.” – Marieta Oslanec


Love is the Law tip:


  1. Write down the steps you need to take next and follow through!
  2. Find an accountability partner to kick your ass if you don’t.
  3. Be patient!


Let me know how it goes for you. Check out free chapters of Love is the Law book and learn more about how to take action today.

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