How to Stop Looking for LOVE in the Wrong Place?
Stop Looking for LOVE

How to Stop Looking for LOVE in the Wrong Place?


Recently, a friend of mind convinced me to join the popular online dating applications “Tinder” and “Plenty of Fish” (POF) and see what’s out there. I had been on POF for 2 days before I realized that my profile can’t even be cancelled. As for Tinder, I met only one person, and after the meeting I happily cancelled this application completely. You can guess how it went.

I had observed all the men on both platforms: what were they looking for, what do they want and why do they want it? Most of the men on Tinder pretend not to care about anything serious. It’s even called the “hook up” site. However, when you look closer you see that each and every one of them is looking for the same thing- LOVE. You may fake it and pretend that all you are looking for is casual sex with the other person, but the truth is that what you want is LOVE.

Why are there so many people looking for LOVE? Why do they go to Tinder and POF?

  1. All of these people are looking for LOVE because they don’t have love present in their lives. They feel empty. Despite their “sophisticated profiles full of confidence,” they can’t find a romantic partner in real life. Therefore, they go on POF and Tinder. That’s pretty self-explanatory. They think that it’s easier to meet the “right” person in virtual reality. However, the opposite may be true. Not only is virtual reality far from actual reality, it’s also a pure illusion. You can be whomever you want in that virtual reality. You can pretend and fake it so you get a boost of confidence, but that’s not true love.
  2. Now, the question is why they can’t find LOVE in real life? If they can’t find true love in their real life, why do they expect to find true love in their virtual reality? Either way, you can’t find true love ANYWHERE unless you discover the true love inside of you. You may meet a person and start dating, but sooner or later it won’t last because unless you love yourself first, nothing lasts. Everything that you experience is only a reflection of your true self. Period. Keep trying and see for yourself.
  3. We live in fast-paced society, and technology makes our lives easier on the one hand but more complicated on the other hand. Tinder, POF and other apps are tools / products of this age. If you are looking for true love, instead of joining an online dating site do the following:
  • Turn off your mobile phone, laptop or tablet.
  • Go within.
  • Start meditating.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Exercise.
  • Follow your bliss.
  • Explore and fall in love with yourself.Stop looking for LOVE if you want to find it. Let LOVE find you!


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Have a good day full of LOVE!




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