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Success & Lifestyle Strategy Program (SLSP)

3,000.00 $

Product Description

Each week you will receive:

  • 2 hours of Strategy Class
  • 1 hour of Meditation Class (done online via Google Hangout)
  • Daily email communication / tracking your progress

Don’t wait for the sign. This is your sign! Change your life NOW! Become the HAPPIEST and the MOST SUCCESSFUL Lawyer that you know! Let’s do it!

In this SLSP 4-weeks program I will teach you:

  • How to find and define your true purpose/dharma/calling so your life becomes a journey of fun and adventure.
  • I will help you find out why do you feel stuck and unhappy in your professional life.
  • I teach you how to become more calm and mind-full lawyer.
  • I teach you how to manifest ANYTHING you want in your life, including more happy clients, happy employees, more money in your bank account, better relationships with coworkers, better relationships with friends and family.
  • I show you step by step how to set up your virtual law empire (including HOT marketing tips, SEO tips, DIY website)
  • I show you how to market yourself with ease and fun.
  • I show you how to decuple your income. Not triple but decuple in 12 months! 
  • I show you how to TRIPLE your income by applying formula “Work Less & Accomplish More”.  
  • I teach you how to balance your professional life and personal life.

Success & Lifestyle Strategy Program (SLSP)
How to Become the Happiest & the Most Successful Lawyer that you know!

This program will include:

  • 8 hours of strategy lessons done via Call/Skype/Hangout
  • 4 hours of meditation lesson (I teach you how to meditate, how to practice mind-fullness, how to meditate to success and wealth)
  • Instant email feedback every single day
  • Step by step worksheet as a part of your strategy lessons
  • FREE book LOVE is the LAW