Are You a PRO in Procrastination?
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Are You a PRO in Procrastination?


Why do we procrastinate? The simple answer is that we do it because we are feeling overwhelmed and scared. Then we become stuck because we don’t want to deal with all of the overwhelming feelings. We often think that tomorrow will be a better day to start. However, we don’t realize that tomorrow may never come. In fact, there is no such concept as tomorrow. It’s only our limited perception that gives us the illusion of time and space reality. We live in a 3D world that is perceived by our senses. However, the reality isn’t only what you perceive. All there is and all there will ever be is the NOW, this moment, and that’s it.


Parallel universes


We live in parallel universes, and every time we shift our perception we change our vibration, and as a result we change our reality. If you are procrastinating, you are living in one universe. When you shift the vibration by taking action, you move to the next reality. It appears that you are living just another day of your life, but actuallyyou have shifted into another universe. Therefore, procrastination and waiting for the right moment is useless. There is never a good time to start. The only good time is NOWWhen you grasp this concept, you will understand the nature of your inner power. You are an absolutely powerful creator who came from a place where everything is possible. Therefore, you can create whatever you want.


There is absolutely nothing you cannot do because the power of the universe lies in you.


Now is the time for you to act. Not tomorrow, but now. If you keep thinking that you are not ready yet, you are only looking for an excuse. In that case, you may not really want something that badly. Your desire may not be burning. If there is a true calling in you, it will wait for you, until you wake up. If you don’t wake up today, you have a chance to wake up tomorrow. The purpose of your calling is to allow your soul to expand. The soul is here to experience the particular event that was planned before you entered your body. If you don’t follow your calling, your soul won’t expand as was planned for you. Because you are expanding through contrast and by fulfilling your true calling, it’s really your job to follow your bliss.

Your job is to serve. How do you serve? By becoming yourself. The universe will provide everything that you need in order to follow your bliss and experience abundant life.

Let’s say you have decided to act now. Again, all you have to do is to take the next step. Don’t worry about how. Follow the guidance that is given by your soul. You know that thing you call intuition? That’s your soul. It’s the feeling of knowing. It’s the burning desire. Unless you are ready to act now, you won’t receive any guidance. It’s absolutely in your hands. Make a decision and go for it.


Take action now


  1. Write down the things that you procrastinate over.
  2. Use tapping meditation to release the overwhelming emotions. Start with the statement: “Even though I procrastinate about X and Y, I deeply love myself,” and keep tapping at your meridian points. Check out Nick Ortner’s website for Tapping Solutions and learn more about tapping points. Then continue tapping and keep repeating: “This procrastination…” and observe yourself. What comes up in the process is actually the cause of your procrastination. Keep tapping as long as you feel any resistance.
  3. Schedule everything! If it’s not scheduled, it’s not done. You need to create a system in order to move forward. If you don’t schedule it, you not serious about it. Act now and schedule your entire week. 
  4. Find your accountability partner who will kick your ass if you don’t follow your schedule and deliver. 


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