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6 Steps How To Be In The “Flow”?


We all have heard about the benefits of being in the “now” or in the “flow”. Usually these are side effects of daily meditation, which trains your split mind. Now, let’s be practical and discuss how can you really get into the “flow” or how to really be present in the moment.

You know very well that all we have is this present moment; “now”. A Course in Miracles teaches that time is only a concept that minds uses when it’s necessary.  What you have is the present moment “now” because there is no future and there is no past.
What percentage of the day do you really spend in the “now”? Where do most of your thoughts go?




Being in the flow or in the “now” happens when you are fully present in the moment. If you are reading this blog post and thinking about something else, you are definitely not fully present. Multi-tasking makes your mind go crazy, so it’s no wonder that you freak out at some point. Multi-tasking is absolutely unhealthy. On the other hand, practicing mindfulness helps you to focus on what’s in front of you and that’s essentially all that you need. Even if you have a business plan that you want to execute, if you are not present in the now you won’t really succeed. You can’t get there without being present in the now.
Therefore, stop thinking too far ahead. Instead, focus on what’s in front of you. Do what’s necessary today in this moment. Don’t think too much and don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow is a limited concept created by your limited mind. Free yourself by being present NOW. That’s all that you have. When you learn how to enjoy this moment, you are in the flow. Flow is the moment of joy and bliss. That’s the moment of action and the moment of creativity. Therefore, throw away all that bs box that’s holding you back.







Your job is to focus on what’s in front of you right now. When you do that, you will get where you need to get. If you don’t focus on what’s in front of you, guess what? You keep procrastinating and eventually you never get where you want to get. The truth is that where you want to get is to become present and aware in this moment.


How to increase your mindfulness?


  1. Meditate. Meditation will train your mind and gradually you will enjoy your life from moment to moment. Click here to read about benefits of daily meditation. 
  2. Follow your bliss.
  3. Exercise. Click here to read about How to Create a Perfect Day! 
  4. Don’t over think and over analyze.
  5. Observe your own thoughts.
  6. Let go. When you let go you let go all your worries. Let go and flow!

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