Why Your Positive Affirmations Don’t Work for You!
Positive Affirmations

Why Your Positive Affirmations Don’t Work for You!


There are so many of us – spirit junkies who are reading new age and self-development literature almost on a daily basis. We use affirmations, visualization, positive statements and we try to keep our thoughts positive all the time. Despite our effort we can’t manifest what we really want. Why is that?

I talked about the law of attraction 7-step manifesting formula in my previous blog post, so if you are interested about this topic check out my article here.

Most of us struggle with money, love, career path, happiness, health or freedom. Maybe you are visualizing making 20,000 USD/month but in reality you make 5K. Maybe you keep affirming daily that you are wealthy and money comes to you easily and you still can’t pay off your debt. Did you ever stop and ask yourself why the law of attraction doesn’t work for you?

So many of us keep fighting and struggling because we hold onto a belief that we must really suffer in order to get somewhere. The truth is that you don’t have to suffer at all. It’s you who decided to suffer. Because you decided to suffer you in fact suffer. Everything that you experience is a reflection of your thoughts. Your thoughts become your beliefs and your beliefs create your actual reality. If you keep thinking negative thoughts, you will manifest negative outcomes. You probably already know it, so let’s take it one step further.

95% of the reality that you experience is a result of beliefs that you hold in your subconscious mind. Only 5% is contributed to your conscious mind. If you keep thinking positive thoughts and affirming positive statements, the law of attraction still won’t work UNLESS you change your subconscious beliefs. All the JUNK that rules your reality is stored in your subconscious mind! Because your subconscious mind is like software that runs negative programs, the only way to change it is to replace the program with another program.

You need to use a special meditation technique before you go to bed and after you wake up; this is when you replace the old programs with the new program. This program consists of your new beliefs. You are replacing old negative and limited beliefs by new positive and brave beliefs about your self. When you go to bed your mind is relaxed and it’s easier to change the program of your subconscious mind. The same applies when you wake up. Use this time to visualize the outcome that you want to see and experience. The more you practice the faster your subconscious mind accepts the new reality.

Don’t forget it’s all about the practice. Don’t beat yourself up that you don’t see the results in your life yet. Take the next step and believe that while you keep going you will get there!

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  1. Eric D. Greene

    5 years ago

    Hi Marieta, I really agree with this. It just takes practice, to re-program yourself and replace those negative thoughts and beliefs with positive ones. For me this is the most important thing to understand. It’s like working out, nobody who has not run much would expect to go out and run a marathon, right? You have to train and practice at it to get better.

    For me this has become the only thing I really ever work on any more. Replacing the negative and disempowering thoughts to positive and more empowering ones. I lived for too long with a belief system that I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t worthy of success and happiness, and that just doesn’t work. So I work on my attitudes, expectations, thoughts, intentions, habits and beliefs and the more I work on that the easier it becomes. As a result my life has changed dramatically! Eric

    • Marieta Oslanec

      5 years ago

      Eric, thanks for sharing. Wonderful! I love and respect those who are able to see the truth, admit that we are not perfect, and then work on solving the issues. Subconscious beliefs are governing our reality and it’s not comfortable to admit it. Often times it means to accept that we are not perfect. Also, it means to be willing to step into our suppressed emotions and be ready to FEEL them. Once we feel them, we can transform and release them.


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