The 3 TOP Benefits of Overcoming Your Fears

The 3 TOP Benefits of Overcoming Your Fears


Do you know the feeling when you really want something but at the same time you are really, really, really scared to go for it? I remember when I moved to San Diego and the only way to move around was to drive. Because I didn’t drive a car while living in NYC or Chicago, this was a totally new game for me. I had been in four car accidents in the past (btw I didn’t cause any of them, if you wondering J), so I was pretty terrified of driving. But I was being forced to drive. How else could I live in San Diego? I had no choice. After one month of being stuck in my apartment I decided to face my fear. I signed up for some driving lessons and after three driving classes I decided to go for it. First, I made it to the grocery store and even now I remember that day. It was a moment of victory! I felt so proud of myself. The feeling was so powerful and liberating. I was finally FREE! Can you relate?

Everyone has some fears. It’s absolutely human to have fears. However, if you don’t overcome them, you will become stuck.


We are either growing or dying!

Here is my truth. I realized that my fears are always showing me what I need to do in order to become my true self. Every time I ignore my fears, I pretty much suppress the issue and I begin feeling stuck. When I am stuck, I become depressed because my energy is not flowing properly. My life stalls and I feel like a dead person. How many of us wake up every day and feel stuck? Many! So fear is just an indication of what must be done. It’s a little test from the universe. If you pass the test, you are free. You get to go to the next level and amazing things start unfolding. Now, what happens if you don’t face your fears? You keep living while being stuck in one spot and you begin to feel unhappy. You bother others, your friends and family, because you are not fulfilling your life’s purpose. And so the whole world suffers because YOU are not willing to face your fears. Imagine every one facing his or her fears. What a world it would be! J

Now, here are the three TOP benefits that you experience when you overcome your fears:

  1. A sense of total freedom. You start feeling free. It’s our natural state to be free. No soul wants to be restricted. All the limits that run through your mind are of your own creation. They don’t exist. When you are FREE, you feel wonderful. It’s your natural state of being.
  2. You gain trust in your own power. It’s like getting to know your true self. You are a warrior. The more you know yourself, the more you trust and love yourself. The more you love yourself, the better people, circumstances, and opportunities you attract into your life. Then life becomes better and full of fun.
  3. You become a Light-worker! By continually overcoming your fears one by one, you will reach a place of pure light. That’s the moment when you become a Light-worker. People will feel it and they will be drawn to you like a magnet. Nothing will be impossible for you. You will project pure, high vibrating energy and daily miracles will be a normal experience for you.

Here is the best part about overcoming your fears. The more you practice this action, the easier it gets, and it’s pretty addictive. I have become addicted to overcoming my own fears because the feeling I experience after conquering a fear is better than anything else. Overcoming your fears is a must in the process of falling in LOVE with your true self.

Take action now and list your top five fears. Then, prepare to overcome them one by one. Schedule a day when you will deal with each one. Don’t postpone making this commitment. Your time is NOW! Check out my upcoming book Love is the Law that talks about fears and how to kill them here.

If I can do it, you can do it. So do it!

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Light & Love,




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