How To Set Yourself FREE From Fear?
Set Yourself FREE

How To Set Yourself FREE From Fear?


Love & Fear


 Believe system that is out of harmony with your true self is called FEAR.- Bashar 


There are two emotions that influence our daily experience. LOVE and FEAR. Love is associated with your true nature. Fear is associate with your Ego. I am sure that many of you have already heard about the Ego as a negative tool that tends to sabotage ourselves. However, before I continue let’s first define what the Ego really is. Ego is the part of you that makes you subjectively separated from the rest of the world and from other people. Ego also represents your personality that is unique and serves its own unique purpose. Likewise ego represents the physical mind that is a part of the global mind. Global mind is the matrix of everything and part of the global mind is the Higher Mind.

We see every person having his own mind, we may call it personality, and we can also call it ego. It is essentially what differentiates us from others.  At the same time, every person has a Higher Mind. Often times the Higher Mind or Higher Self talks to us via our intuitions, dreams, or signs and perceptions. For example, a person may see and notice numbers like 11;11, 22;22, 66;66 etc. That’s how one knows that he is aligned with his higher self. The Higher Mind is directly connected with the Global Mind that is the infinite intelligence. It is through these instances that so many people get inspiration via dreams when unconscious or when conscious during a meditation.

Ego is absolutely an essential tool of our unique existence on the physical plane. Contrary to the common belief about ego being a bad aspect of us, I believe that we have Egos to serve us as we allow it.  There is no doubt that we should embrace our ego and not only understand the language of our Ego but also understand its purpose. Our ego is here to serve us. We become people who are living a balanced life when we establish harmony between the physical mind (Ego) and the Higher Mind.


Trapped in Ego


Most people are not aware that oftentimes they are trapped in their egos. Once a person is trapped in his Ego, he is not able to accomplish his true callings or true desires. Another sign that someone is trapped in his ego is the presence of fear. A person with fear sets-up his situation to prevent what he fears. Perfect models for this situation are so called “control freaks”. They tend to constantly control every single aspect of their lives instead of living in the flow. They struggle because they are preoccupied with micro-management. The more they try to manage everything in their lives, the less they succeed.

Quoting Deepak Chopra “Work Less and Accomplish More”, his thought is the perfect paradigm of what I am talking about here. Have you ever experienced a situation when you completely let go of the outcome and the outcome totally surprised you? That was the higher mind at work. Therefore, it’s very important to distinguish the role of your Ego and the role of your Higher Mind. Once you understand the difference, you gain a clearer understanding and you will be able to negotiate a deal with your Ego. Call me crazy but that’s exactly what you absolutely must do in order to start living a balanced life.

What happens if you don’t negotiate a deal with your Ego and instead you fight it? The Ego won’t let go and it will keep fighting back. You end up torn apart, confused and tired.


Befriend your Ego


Therefore, my suggestion is to befriend your Ego, clearly state what its job is, and what the job of your higher mind is. Once everything is clear, you will be free and all you have to do is to allow things, people, and circumstances to enter your life and accept them with gratitude. Your Higher Mind will orchestrate everything according to your higher plan and things like random encounters and synchronicities will flow into your life on daily basis. You will feel like Copperfield with the magic stick creating daily miracles.

Take action now. Sit or lie down. Close your eyes and breathe in and out. Inhale exhale. Calm your mind. Ask your higher mind to help you distinguish what its job is here on the planet earth. You will receive signs either right away or later. Stay open and accept them. Be aware of the presence of your fear. Every time you feel the fear, DO IT even though you are scared. Fear is here to serve you, not block you, or stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

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