Surround Yourself With People Who Are Going to lift you UP!
lift you UP

Surround Yourself With People Who Are Going to lift you UP!


I woke up this morning with this sentence resonating in my head. I started to analyze my relationships. Then, I asked myself: “Is it really possible to be surrounded by only positive people who will lift me up?” “Isn’t it my job to lift myself up?” “How can I expect somebody else to make me happy if I am not happy on my own?”

Then, I got it. It’s important to support myself and not expect others to support me. However, there is a BUT. It’s also important to be able to ask for HELP or advice if we need it. In that case it’s appropriate to be surrounded by people who are able to do that for us. Here comes the BUT … The most important thing is to be surrounded by people who won’t judge us no matter what.  True friends don’t judge. Even though it’s a slippery road and it’s so easy to judge. Judgment itself is a very negative energy. Not only is it bad for the people who are doing the judging, but also for the people who are being judged.  Judgment itself doesn’t serve us at all. Therefore, I have realized that it’s more important to surround yourself with people WHO DON’T JUDGE YOU. You don’t need other people to inspire you or to lift you higher, that’s YOUR JOB! If you expect others to lift you UP, you become a super-needy FREAK! Nobody wants to be surrounded by people like that.  Therefore, only those people who are able to grow with you will stay.  Because we all are constantly growing and we are constantly influencing each other, don’t expect anything else from anyone. The only difference is whether we keep growing next to each other or not.

If you happen to be surrounded by people who do judge others (most of us do because we are not saints- let’s face it!) kindly tell them not to judge. If they keep judging you or others, you should withdraw from the relationship. Maybe the best way to teach this person a lesson is to end the relationship.

I would just conclude by saying that we are ALL POWERFUL DIVINE BEINGS. We really don’t need any outside guidance or external help. All we have to do is look within and find the power inside of us. By power I mean the light, love, peace and happiness. We really don’t need anybody to lift us up. We are here to share the light and most importantly be the light. Only then can life truly make sense.

Take a moment now and analyze what kind of relationships you are having.

1)   Are you surrounded by judgmental people?

2)   Are you looking for outside support?

3)   Are you giving or taking from people or both?

Leave a comment below and share your experiences.

Have a day filled with light, love, peace and happiness!



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