How To Say NO?

How To Say NO?


Learn How To Say NO!


Let me start by saying that when you say NO to others who are resonating a different frequency from you, you are saying YES to yourself. I am talking about all of those toxic and draining people who are almost like vampires drinking your blood. I don’t want to be dramatic because I am convinced that We Are ALL the ONE, so even those people deserve our attention. However, do not give them your primary attention! Instead of keeping them in your focus, send them blessings and good energy but don’t hang out with them. Your emotion is there to guide you and your job is to follow your emotion. Your emotion can either reflect a lesson for you to learn or it can be a sign. It’s your job to decode it.


When something feels OFF, it is. 


Now, most likely the bad vibe is telling you to leave those people out of your life. Let me tell you what will happen if you don’t. There is going to be either a break up that follows, or major issues, or a major problem with a client that is a result of the negative energy between you both. Call me crazy, but I have experienced clients who didn’t give me a good vibe from the very beginning. Instead of listening to those vibes, I carried on. What was the result? More problems. Now, time is a valuable commodity so why on earth would you want to waste your time with a client who is resonating a completely bad vibe? Or why would you want to hang out with people who are totally not supportive and are not on the same page as you? There are millions of people out there, so choose wisely. Sometimes the people who enter our lives carry hidden messages. They are supposed to teach us something deeper or open our eyes to something. Others enter our lives and then disappear when the job is done. Therefore, be aware and ask yourself the questions, Why is this person in my life? Also, ask yourself the question of whether you should really serve this client. Even if you are not sure, give yourself some time. The Universe/higher power will respond to your question and then it’s your job to follow the guidance.

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Take Action


Now, take action. There is no point in reading these words if you don’t do anything about them! Promise yourself from now on that every time you feel a BAD vibe from somebody, you are going to do the following:

a)    Step back and ask these questions: “Why is this person in my life?” and “What should I learn from this person?”

b)   Listen to the guidance in the form of dreams, intuition, emotion, and a deep inner voice.

c)    Follow the guide from within.

d)   Don’t EVER question the inner voice.

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