How To Deal With a Failure
Do not give up

How To Deal With a Failure


I am sure that many of you have been in a situation where you felt like you’d screwed things up and there was no way out. It might have been with your clients, your boss, or co-workers. What can you do when you are in that awful state of mind? Keep reading.

Soothe yourself. If you soothe yourself, the mood shifts and you gain confidence with every shift. Keep in mind that EACH FAILURE CONTAINS A SEED OF SUCCESS. Think back to the time when you experienced failure. How did you feel at that moment in time? Now, how do you feel today about the same situation? Some of us have learned a lesson from that past failure and today we see the situation from a completely different angle. Others didn’t learn any lessons, because they either blamed other people or circumstances. They feel exactly the same as they did at the time.

The question remains of how we can deal with failure. Before we continue, let’s define what “failure” means. Failure is the non-fulfillment of your expectations of yourself. But isn’t it obvious that this is very subjective, and therefore, there may actually be no failure at all?

Every expectation of the outcome that didn’t work out the way we wanted contains a hidden seed of success. Once we recognize the lesson to be learned from the situation we are in, we can move forward. We can find solutions and act upon them. In the end, it’s all about learning and being able to cope with any kind of situation that life brings us.

Here is what you should do when you feel like the biggest loser on the planet.

  1. Be kind to yourself and stop beating yourself up.
  2. Recognize that each failure contains a seed of success because it contains a valuable lesson to be a) recognized; b) accepted; and c) learned.
  3. Start to meditate and ask your higher self, “What is the lesson that I should learn from this situation?”
  4. Be thankful for the lesson that you have learned.
  5. Recognize the lesson and start doing what’s necessary in order to change the situation.
  6. Be thankful that you are growing and expanding thanks to the situation you were in.

Have a happy & productive day!




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