How Perfectionism Hurts Your Life?

How Perfectionism Hurts Your Life?


You are ENOUGH!


I am a perfectionist. I am also very driven, goal oriented and I never give up. I am definitely a high achiever and while these personal characteristics have helped me to build a business and succeed as a lawyer, managing partner and entrepreneur, there is also a downside. Often times I feel that I am not good enough and I blame myself for not reaching my goals fast enough. Subconsciously, I strive for perfectionism.


Perfection is actually an illusion. Perfectionism is a disease and it’s time for us to realize this. Nobody is perfect and nobody ever will be. We are humans and we are imperfect. Most of us strive for perfection and because we can’t get there, we constantly feel unworthy and we hate ourselves.


Perfection vs Excellence


Perfection is something totally different than excellence. There is nothing wrong with being excellent at work, excellent in a partnership or excellent with your kids. Excellence doesn’t mean being perfect.


Keep working on your new project but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have it done perfectly. Keep working on improving your skills but don’t beat yourself up when you don’t see fast results. Understand that nobody is perfect and we are all a work in progress.



Just Do It


If you want to start a new business, don’t procrastinate just because you don’t know how to start. So many people don’t start anything new because they are scared of failure. They think they don’t have what it takes to build that business. Or they think they are not the perfect type for that business. If you think along these lines, you definitely suffer from perfectionist disease. First thing to do is to become aware of your disease. Second, do what’s necessary in order to start your secret project or new business. Step by step you will build everything that needs to be done.



Perfect body


Seriously, who’s got a perfect body?  Maybe the models in the fashion magazines have amazing bodies. But those models are not real anyway because their pictures have been touched up or edited.  If you want to lose some weight, don’t obsess with the perfect body because when you hate your body you won’t lose anything. You need to accept your body as is, so you can relax and then you can lose the extra pounds.


Seriously, there is no such a thing as a perfect body, a perfect job, a perfect relationship or a perfect world. We are imperfect beings living in an imperfect world. Let’s just accept it once for all and appreciate ourselves just the way we are.


No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, you are enough!!! 


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  1. CE2015

    4 years ago

    ha ha 🙂 … Perfectionists !! We all strive to become perfectionists !

    “Perfection is actually an illusion” … well said !

    • Marieta Oslanec

      4 years ago

      Love & Light,


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