How Can You Have It All in 2015?
Have It All

How Can You Have It All in 2015?


It’s January 2015 and for many of us it’s a new and fresh start. As for me, I had created a wish list in December 2013 and when I opened it at the end of 2014 I realized that out of 25 things, 23 had become my reality. Pretty awesome, I thought! Then I thought, what about those 2 left wishes that were not fulfilled? Those wishes I pushed into my new 2015 list. Realizing that so many of my dreams were fulfilled gave me courage to create a new, even bigger list for 2015. As I was setting my intentions for 2015 I realized that 2015 is going to be a year of great success, inspiration, abundance and love. My book is coming out soon and this single accomplishment has already been a big deal for me because the book is my soul’s work.

Plant the right seeds!

Every time we plant a seed it takes some time to see the results. Therefore, if you have planted the right seeds in 2013 or 2014, naturally you will see the results in 2015. I have planted many seeds in 2014 and therefore 2015 will bring it all.

Now, even though we set a long list of New Year’s resolutions, so many of us don’t follow any of them after 2 months. The question is: how can we follow and fulfill ALL of our dreams in 2015? Before I continue, check out my article about How to Manifest Anything You Want. This article will help you understand what the manifestation process is like and what it really takes to materialize your dreams into reality. Also, check my article about Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work For You.

Learn how to let go

The most challenging part in fulfilling my dreams has been the ability to let go. From my perspective it’s a real art of living because it is one thing to set a goal and work hard, but quite another thing to be able to pull back and create a vacuum in which the dream can be manifested. It’s not enough to work hard, be driven and go for it. We must also learn to work with the Universe. What do I mean by that? Learn how to let go when it’s necessary and let the Universe take care of things. The truth is that it’s not all up to us. Even though we are powerful creators, we need to learn how to stop pushing. Usually, pushing is the force that creates a resistance. I bet you know what I am talking about. You want something so badly that for some unidentified reason you just can’t get it. Sounds familiar? There you go. It’s because you are sabotaging your own success. Therefore, if you really want it, do the following:

  1. set a vision;
  2. set a concrete plan to achieve it and put it in your calendar;
  3. let go.

Letting go is the last and the most important part. What does it mean to let go? Stop obsessing about your goal. Trust. Drop it. Smile. Therefore, I call it the art of living. It’s the creation of the balance that is necessary in order to manifest your dreams into reality.

Therefore, my dear, if you haven’t done it yet, create a wish list for 2015 and be as specific as possible. Then, set a deadline for each goal and set actual steps as to how you are going to achieve it. Kind of like a mini-business plan. Put it in your calendar and create reminders. Lastly, drop it. Don’t be obsessed, and smile. It’s going to happen if you truly trust.

One more thing; I am preparing a workshop on How to Fall In Love With Yourself in 2015. This program is only for 3 selected people with whom I will work on a 1-to-1 basis. If you are interested, click here to receive more details.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the 1st Chapter of my upcoming book in which I talk about my story and the inspiration that’s behind it.

I wish you a wonderful, loving, abundant and peaceful 2015! Believe that you can have it ALL and you WILL! 




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