How To Enjoy V-day When You Single?

How To Enjoy V-day When You Single?


How to Become The Happiest Single Person on the Valentine’s Day?


Your friends are either married, engaged or in a relationship. You are not.  You are the black sheep who stands out. Ups, again you are different. Here we go again… the wonderful time of the year also known as V-day has arrived.  It’s a reminder that makes you feel totally powerless by reminding you that you are the one who doesn’t have it all. Sound familiar?

Now, let’s get real. So here goes my truth.


So many couples fake it


They are not in happy relationships. They would rather settle for less than wait for the real thing. So yes, they are pretending to  “enjoy” V-day! Those are the people who post the most pictures on Facebook hoping to attract your attention. They want to attract your attention because they don’t have enough Love and attention from their partner.

Ask yourself, ‘Do I want to be in a fake relationship?’ I don’t think so. Instead, you should be happy that you are brave enough to settle for nothing less than something that is actually a perfect fit for you! Give yourself a lot of credit for that.

How do I know this? I have been there. I was in a relationship that looked perfect on the surface. However, it wasn’t. It was far from being harmonious and perfect. Nothing is worse than being in a relationship on V-day while feeling lonely, lost and sad. At least when you are single you don’t have to think about how to get out of the mess you are in. You are as free as a bird and happy on your own. So, embrace it. Click here to read my Love story in 2nd Chapter of my upcoming book Love is the Law, in which I talk about my breakup and how I overcame my pain.


Practice Self-LOVE


Realize that V-day is not about loving the other person but about loving yourself. V-day is about a celebration of your own self-love. The truth is that if you don’t learn how to love and respect yourself, nobody will ever love and respect you. You must start with yourself. Self-love is the real art of living. You need to learn how to love yourself, so the outside reality reflects your own self-love in every area of your life.

This year, V-day is the perfect opportunity to create a loving relationship with yourself. Therefore, take yourself out on a date. For example, go and buy something cute for yourself. Take yourself out for a nice meal or go to see a movie (for example, 50 Shades of Grey – I am on it). Do something that makes your heart sing. Remember, you are the most important person in your life. Celebrate your greatness and your own divinity. You are love and light. 


Create your own vision board


What is a vision board? It’s kind of like a Pinterest board on which you pin the pictures of your ideal life. I use Pinterest so I don’t have to create an actual vision board. Why should you create a vision board? When you create a vision board you think and picture the ideal life. Your brain doesn’t recognize whether it’s a fake reality or not. Instead, your brain sends out the energy and electromagnetic waves that will paint your future. While you picture the ideal life scenario you feel great, and this good feeling is the key. Your subconscious mind is creating your reality by sending out the energy created by the good feeling. You need to feel good in order to create. So, by making your vision board, you are creating your future. By looking at the vision board, you are reminding yourself of what you want in your life and you are confirming what you want to attract by feeling good. Don’t stress out about the vision board. Have fun with it and don’t forget to dream BIG!


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