Do You Know Yourself?
Know Yourself

Do You Know Yourself?


Building Relationship With Yourself


Let me start by saying that you are “it” while you are observing “it”. What does “it” mean? It is a Universe/God/Higher Power etc. Call it whatever you want, but it’s essentially the same thing.

Often times we go through our lives without even knowing what’s important and what’s not because many of us don’t take time to build the most important relationship – the relationship with ourselves.

Let me ask you a question. Who are you? Think about it and ask yourself, “Who am I?” What do you hear? What do you feel?

There is a presence of an infinite field behind your physical mind. You can access this realm via meditation or practicing silence. This field is you. This field is the consciousness and you are consciousness. When you recognize this truth, you set yourself free: free from suffering, free from pain, free from emotions that are passing through your body.


Why should you build the relationship with your self/Universe?


Because this kind of relationship is the core of your existence. If you want to be happy and content, you need to get to know yourself first. If you want to live in a happy relationship, you need to get to know yourself. If you want to be successful at work, you need to  get to know yourself. Whatever you want to do in this lifetime, if you don’t know who you are you won’t find that deep, true happiness.

Even if you become successful at work, you won’t be happy because you won’t know the true nature of your self. Even if you marry the perfect man/woman, you won’t be deeply happy because the empty hole will still be there. Even if you work hard, you won’t find that happiness either because work can’t fill the void completely. Even if you travel all over the globe, you won’t find fulfillment because you won’t know the truth.


Therefore, it’s necessary to know yourself and build a relationship with yourself.



  1. Meditation.
  2. Be in silence. A year ago I moved to San Diego where I didn’t know anyone, just so I could spend some time alone and build this essential relationship with myself. Silence helps to teach you who should you listen to. At some point you realize that there is only one teacher and that is the voice within.
  3. Read and listen to high vibration material. What do I mean by that? Videos or books that resonate with your soul. For example, I started to study a Course in Miracles- metaphysical text that resonates with my heart even though it doesn’t make sense to my limited mind.
  4. Be patient. Miracles comes but don’t expect them right away.

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  1. Carl

    4 years ago

    This is a very powerful article. I wouldnt normally leave comments but I have to say that your words definitely resonated with me.

    Thank you Marieta

    • Marieta Oslanec

      4 years ago

      My pleasure. Glad it resonates 🙂

      Love & Light,



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