How to Charge Premium Prices And Not Feeling Guilty?

How to Charge Premium Prices And Not Feeling Guilty?


Charge Premium & Feel GREAT!

Have you ever wondered why some lawyers and businesses thrive in times of crisis, while others struggle or fail?

It comes down to one thing – attitude. If you trust yourself enough to deliver exceptional services, then you should be charging premium prices. If you don’t trust yourself, then you won’t attract clients who are willing to pay that premium price. I am not talking about charging exorbitant or unfair amounts; I am talking about delivering exceptional service and top-notch quality and asking an appropriate price that reflects your work.

Confidence + YOU = GREAT RESULTS

Now, you may not understand what confidence has to do with your premium price. Well, it’s the primary connection in your life and business that brings you to what you want. To put it mathematically: YOU + Confidence = Results. If you value yourself as a person, then you automatically value your time. If you value your time, then you should charge what you deserve for your services. If you choose QUALITY over QUANTITY, I promise that you won’t fail. If you choose quality, then you will deliver better products and services and your clients will receive the appropriate attention that they want and need. It’s a win – win situation. If you sincerely trust that you are a capable and amazing lawyer who delivers a premiere service, then you won’t feel guilty when charging a premium rate. On the other hand, if you don’t like your clients, or if you don’t have enough time to deliver quality, then don’t charge a premium rate. Better yet, don’t take the client at all. The internal conflict over that decision will often create chaos and negativity that will lead to poor results. Believe it or not, these types of decisions are all about you. More specifically, they are about you and your state of mind. If you are happy at work, then everyone will be happy to be around you. Your clients are happy, co-workers are happy, employees are happy.

Now, let’s take some action to implement that type of ideal situation.

Check out the self-love meditation. Now, it is important not to think of self-love as being egocentric or anything like that. Self-love means healthy confidence, self-acceptance, and appreciation for who you are as a valuable, unique individual. And who are you? An amazing, smart, rock-star lawyer who is adding tremendous value to this society!

“If you don’t value yourself, how can you value anyone else in your life?”

Have a lovely day!

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  1. alise

    5 years ago

    Thanks for such a great topic to discuss. I am not a lawyer, but an artist who struggles w confidence. I had a head injury a little while ago and that made it worse. This helped me to come to grips w my struggles more effectively and less critically.

    • Marieta Oslanec

      5 years ago

      you are very welcome! I am glad that my post resonates with you. It’s amazing that you see the truth, otherwise you won’t even keep reading. Keep your thoughts high and trust yourself! xo


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