Why Should You Celebrate Your Success?

Why Should You Celebrate Your Success?


Why You Must Appreciate Your Greatness


When I was 18 years old my dream was to become a lawyer. So I applied to Law School. After 5 years of studying law, I finally graduated and felt like, NOW WHAT?! Instead of really appreciating myself and giving myself a big round of applause, I started to think, what’s next? I moved to the U.S.A. and decided to apply to an American law school since my law degree from Slovakia wasn’t really recognized in the U.S.A.


What did I do after I graduated Northwestern University School of Law? The exact same thing. I started to think, what’s next? Even though I was happy, I didn’t really appreciate my success. I didn’t appreciate myself. I didn’t fully appreciate that I’d just graduated from one of the TOP law schools in the country. All that I was thinking about was what my next steps would be. Sound familiar?


I decided to move to New York City. Once I got there, I started to study for the NY Bar Exam. Oh yeah, it was the time of my life. 14 hours of studying per day for 2 months. Now, I can write about how hard and challenging it was, but let’s cut a long story short. After I finally passed the Bar and became a NY licensed attorney, what did I do? I was thinking about my next goals. Ain’t that crazy? All those years of struggling, pain, hard work and energy invested were never properly appreciated or celebrated! Never!


Now imagine: when I was 18 years old, I set a goal that I was going to become an attorney! When I was 29 years old I became a NY licensed attorney. 11 years of my life, full of hassle and invested energy, and I didn’t properly celebrate my success.


Does it resonate?


Why do we constantly set new goals and never stop and think about how amazing and successful we already are? Because we don’t see our own power and greatness; we don’t fully appreciate who we truly are and we don’t love ourselves enough. We think that by reaching our next goal we will become better and finally will receive more attention (i.e. love) from others. Unfortunately, after we have achieved the milestone we still feel unworthy, not good enough. It’s like conquering the whole world and still feeling not good enough. It’s time to DROP IT. Why? Because if you don’t celebrate your current success, you are showing to the Universe that it’s not really any success.


If you don’t recognize your success, it’s not a success at all.


You need to celebrate small steps in your journey and you need to celebrate the BIG achievements LIKE CRAZY! Putting off the celebration is a failure pattern, telling the Universe I don’t have enough; I am not enough; I can’t achieve success because what I have right now is not really a success.


It’s time to celebrate your success RIGHT NOW! Stop doing whatever you are doing and write down the 5 top successes of your life. Then, get together with some friends and have a party! Celebrate yourself, your life and your greatness!


You are an amazing, powerful, successful divine light and you can have, be, and do whatever the heck you want in this lifetime. Since you know it, act like that and appreciate yourself.

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