Why You Should Be Brave & BOLD!
Be Brave

Why You Should Be Brave & BOLD!


You buy a new dress and then your so-called girlfriend buys the same dress a few weeks later? Or maybe you come up with a great idea at work and somebody steals the idea from you? Aha! I was there and absolutely hated the person who did it. Full of anger, I asked for a sign and then it came. “Relax girl, karma does exist.”

These are just a couple general examples of the situations that many of us have already experienced. Why are there people out there who LOVE to steal our ideas or our style? Because they are NOT inspired and they don’t know how to access the full power of the infinite possibilities of inspiration. They don’t know themselves yet.  Moreover, because they are not inspired by higher grand visions, they tend to “borrow” other peoples’ ideas and use them as their own. Because everyone wants to be unique and express him or herself, they copy you. Or better put this way. Everyone wants to stand out and make a difference. If you happen to have your own style or unique branding, you can bet that people will want to copy you and in fact will copy you. As much as it may annoy you, the worst thing is that it’s absolutely counter-productive for them and for the world. The truth is that we are here to walk our own unique paths and fulfill our own unique purpose. If we copy one another, our uniqueness ceases to exist and cannot be spread around the world. So, why on earth would you COPY somebody else?

You are a divine being and you are special. Instead of copying and pretending to be somebody else, dig deep inside of yourself, find your uniqueness and let it shine out! How do you know it’s in there? Because it just is. There is no way that you are here without a purpose. Just allow the higher power to speak through you by allowing the inspiration come to you and then find a unique way to spread that inspiration. Don’t copy anyone. Because when you do, people tend to notice and you won’t be successful anyway. Take action now.

1)   Meditate. As always, I recommend that you go deep inside of you and allow for some time alone. Only in the stillness is the mind clear and only then can you hear the higher inner voice. 2)   If you are starting a new law practice and designing your new brand, hire a professional. It’s so important to hire a designer who can help you dig deep and find the right style for you. 3)   Whatever you do, don’t be afraid. It’s so important to be YOU. Only then, can the rest of the world benefit from the unique inner gift that we all carry. The sad part is that often times it’s hidden and nobody can see it. It’s our job to expose it, so the world can see WHO we really are! Therefore, be mindful of your FEARS. They will rise up to prevent you from seeing who you are and what you really want. Say NO to your fears by saying YES to your visions or deep desires. 4)   And let me know how it goes for you. It’s so important to have an accountability buddy so you can really move forward with your visions. Stop procrastinating.

If this article resonates with you, AHA, you know what to do now!  I am here for you, so don’t ever hesitate to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading and now let’s get to work!




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