Attract Your Ideal Clients by Using “WHO/HOW MUCH/WHAT” Formula

Attract Your Ideal Clients by Using “WHO/HOW MUCH/WHAT” Formula


The following article is for those who run their own legal practice. Those of you who know that running your own business isn’t just about practicing law, but predominantly about being a businessperson and a successful marketer.

  • How do you feel about your client relationships at this moment?
  • Are you working WITH your clients, or FOR your clients?
  • Do you feel frustrated because your clients are not paying on time or are not being cooperative?

Great. Keep reading. I know exactly how that feels. Been there, done that. In fact, I came to a certain point where I told myself that I was so frustrated and sick of my clients and their “shopping around” behavior that I couldn’t carry on. Since then, I have made the decision to choose WHO I want to work with, HOW MUCH I want to charge for my services, and WHAT I am going to offer them for my premium price. I have eliminated doing cheap work for cheap clients.

I realized that there are two types of clients. Some of them are shoppers that will shop around forever. They will try to negotiate the retainer price with you because they don’t value themselves or know anything about your services. On the other hand, there are clients who are PROs. They don’t have time to waste their time and they are looking for a lawyer who will deliver premium quality without any headaches. PRO clients will be attracted to PRO lawyers. PRO lawyers must charge PREMIUM prices and deliver exceptional service in return.

Since that fateful day, I started to effortlessly attract the ideal clients. My cooperation became smooth and fun. I have learned a great deal from my clients and helped them precisely the way they need; my client relationships feel right. No pressure, no tension, but definitely a smooth working relationship.

You may be inclined to say, “that’s easier said than done!” but I would immediately add, “it’s easier done than said.” Why? When you allow the Universe to take care of the details and simply listen to the voice, intuition, or desire inside, then you know exactly whom you want to serve. There is a plan prepared for you and if you are on the right path, it will feel right and will be absolutely effortless. If you feel the opposite, then you are probably NOT helping the right clients that you are supposed to be serving.

Likewise, you may say, “If I charge more, my clients will go to somebody else.” I say, “Let them go.” If the client resonates positively with you, then he or she will hire you. Their decision won’t be based on the price you charge, but rather because of what he feels from you and whether he trusts you. How can you earn that trust? By impressing your client and by showing them your genuine side. Show that you are there to SERVE and not just TAKE the money and deliver sloppy work. You gain their trust by being YOURSELF. There should never be competition between lawyers because there are plenty of resources, plenty of clients who need YOU, and plenty of problems that YOU are able to effectively solve.

“Go Big or Go Home.”

Another common issue is the reluctance to charge premium prices. We will talk about this topic in my next blog post.

Take action now!

  1. Create a list of Your IDEAL Client. The more detailed the list can be, the better.
  2. Think about the price you want to charge for your services. Now, start charging it.
  3. Believe that you can do it! You are worth it and there is an unlimited abundance around us.
  4. Read the book: Book Yourself Solid.

Stay tuned and leave a comment! I am here to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Have a great day!




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